Girl with a Pearl Earring to Visit New York City!

It has just been announced that Vermeer’s transcendent painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring, will be visiting New York City for the first time in 30 years in October of 2013. While its permanent home, the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in the Hague undergoes renovation, the Girl with a Pearl Earring will travel, with other paintings from the museum, to San Francisco and Atlanta, before coming to the wonderful Frick Museum on October 22, 2013. It will be exhibited close to the Frick’s own three Vermeers: Girl Interrupted at her Music, Officer and Laughing Girl, and my own favorite, Mistress and Maid (a print of which hung over my desk for a decade after I first moved back to New York for my job at St. John’s University).

I am excited not only to see this Vermeer at the Frick, but also one of the other paintings traveling with it: The Goldfinch, by Carel Fabritius, who had studied with Rembrandt before coming to Delft. Most of his paintings were destroyed in the explosion of the munitions store that also killed him and destroyed a good part of Delft in 1654.

On second thought, I may not be able to wait until late 2013…in which case I had better get to The Hague before this April, when the renovations at the Maurithuis begin!


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